Why I love my local park

I live in a suburb with a big park.  This park adjoins the beach, has 2 kids playgrounds – one with a giant pirate ship built around an old moreton bay fig tree – lots of BBQs, has a coastal track going through it, is home to various yoga schools, boot camps and hundreds of rainbow lorikeets, has several cafes and a newsagent across the street from it.  My park has many personalities, it can be the extroverted socialising park that everyone wants to go to (Australia day, fathers day etc.) and it can be a dark, windswept place that you walk quickly through at night.  But mostly my park is about the people who go there.

Kids love my park.  The littlies love the pirate ship with its slippery dips, gang planks, viewing posts complete with telescopes that don’t work and they love that big old tree.  And mum&dads love it too.  My park looks over a beautiful beach and sits at the bottom of a headland.  Surfers of all ages love this break, its a place where kids learn to surf and where older mal riders can have fun.  When the waves are big, crowds line the foreshore.

I do yoga in the park, I walk my dogs through the park, I spend time with my friends and their kids in the park.  We BBQ here, we have kids birthday parties here.  I love my park because it makes me feel like I live in a community.

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