worth the wait?

I was driving home from Brisbane late last night and was thinking about the concept of ‘being time poor’.  I was thinking about those electric kettles that boil water in 15 seconds and teabags and pasta sauce in a bottle and beef strips and …… It was a long drive!  Obviously, these things were invented because people in general don’t have enough time.  Somewhere along the way, taste and quality were compromised for speed but this compromise has been accepted without too much of a fight.  I love a nice cup of tea but I’m also happy to use a teabag occasionally.  So it doesn’t taste as good but I’m happy to do it because its easy.  Its an interesting thing to think about!  Perhaps life is one big compromise.

So back to the cup of tea.  I have an old school kettle that sits on my gas stove and takes ages to boil.  Also, my microwave died a few years ago and I haven’t replaced it.  I’ve adapted to this state (of lack of kitchen gadgetry) and found that it has forced me to do things differently, often a little more slowly.  And I like it.  In the mornings when I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, I prepare breakfast for my hens, feed and water them, and, enjoy a few minutes of time in my garden.  Whenever I can, I make my tea in a pot and drink it from a pretty china teacup.  I love the ritual of making the tea and I think the wait makes it taste even better. 

Perhaps in this busy world of ours, these rituals give us an opportunity to slow down and enjoy some simple things.  Do you have any rituals you enjoy?

Winter veggie wonderland

I have a little vegetable garden in my front yard. It faces north, is sheltered from the wind and gets plenty of winter sunshine.  In winter, I don’t seem to have problems with pests and the veggies love the weather.  In winter I grow broccoli, bok choi, spinach, rocket and lettuce.  Finally my broccoli are producing heads so I should be eating them soon.

I also have a garden bed with some dwarf citrus near my veggie patch.  The dwarf Meyer lemon tree only went in about a month ago and prior to planting I prepared the garden bed with home made compost.  Within a week or so, about 15 tomato plants sprouted from the ground.  I weeded it back to about 5 plants and they are thriving.  Interestingly they are all different.  There are cherry tomatoes, medium sized tomatoes and some gorgeous big ones too.  I have never tried to grow tomatoes in winter but the spot they chose is warm and protected from southerly winds.  Last year my tomato crops drowned from all the rain and usually they get hammered by bugs.  Fingers crossed, I’m hoping for a good yield soon.

rogue tomatoes

I also have a new black hen (she remains nameless – my favourite 3 year old will be given the job of naming her – he is very good at it) so I can’t wait to make some beautiful meals with fresh eggs, broccoli, tomatoes and herbs.  I don’t know if you can relate, but I get a huge sense of pride and wellness when I construct a meal with mostly home grown produce.

My old dog

This is going to be a really short post.  I have a beautiful old brown dog called Nancy and she will be 15 in October.  A dear friend rang me one day, she wanted me to come over as she had some visitors she wanted me to meet.  One of her visitors was a lovely young man called Matt, who was in Brisbane for an art exhibition (his own art) and had brought along his faithful kelpie and one of her pups.  Needless to say it was love at first sight and after 2 interviews with Matt, he agreed to give her to me.  She came from Mundubbera, her mother was a beautiful kelpie called Lacey and her father was the naughty border collie who lived on the farm next door.

Nancy has accompanied me through my lifes journey.  We moved to Sunshine Beach from Brisbane when she was about 4 months old.  A year later we did a road trip to Cairns to start a new life with my then partner.  He became my husband and is now my ex-husband.  Throughout these life experiences, Nancy’s love has never faltered.  Together we moved back to the sunshine coast just after cyclone Larry in 2006.  My life is wonderful now but I try to remind myself to not take my furry companion for granted.  My new life involves a new man and his beautiful child and its so easy to get caught up in the joy of sharing my life .

So to my dear old Nancy Moo (or Mooey, Mooey Pooey and of course, darhling) – I am so grateful that you came into my life.  I wish I could have you forever but I realise that your days are probably numbered.  I will do everything I can to honour your love and faithfulness.  You are the most awesomest dog in the world xxx