Winter veggie wonderland

I have a little vegetable garden in my front yard. It faces north, is sheltered from the wind and gets plenty of winter sunshine.  In winter, I don’t seem to have problems with pests and the veggies love the weather.  In winter I grow broccoli, bok choi, spinach, rocket and lettuce.  Finally my broccoli are producing heads so I should be eating them soon.

I also have a garden bed with some dwarf citrus near my veggie patch.  The dwarf Meyer lemon tree only went in about a month ago and prior to planting I prepared the garden bed with home made compost.  Within a week or so, about 15 tomato plants sprouted from the ground.  I weeded it back to about 5 plants and they are thriving.  Interestingly they are all different.  There are cherry tomatoes, medium sized tomatoes and some gorgeous big ones too.  I have never tried to grow tomatoes in winter but the spot they chose is warm and protected from southerly winds.  Last year my tomato crops drowned from all the rain and usually they get hammered by bugs.  Fingers crossed, I’m hoping for a good yield soon.

rogue tomatoes

I also have a new black hen (she remains nameless – my favourite 3 year old will be given the job of naming her – he is very good at it) so I can’t wait to make some beautiful meals with fresh eggs, broccoli, tomatoes and herbs.  I don’t know if you can relate, but I get a huge sense of pride and wellness when I construct a meal with mostly home grown produce.

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