rhyme time

My gorgeous partner will soon be turning 40. We were discussing party invites and he said that he wanted the invite to be a Dr Seuss style poem. My heart flushed with love at this point as he can be a truly abstract and whacky thinker – who else would think of this so quickly and surely? Then I panicked a little as its not an easy task.

The next day I sat down with Green Eggs and Ham (the book, not my breakfast) and tried to come up with something. Big blank. The next day nothing. So I decided to not think about it for a while. While driving to work on monday, words started to join together in my mind. I got to work and quickly wrote them down. That night in the shower, more words started to flow.
As i haven’t asked him if I can name him on this little blog, I will refer to him as Maxwell Cane. So here is my poem and you need to read it in a sing song voice!

Whose day? What day?
Maxwell Canes birthday

Maxwell surfs and Maxwell laughs
Maxwell wouldn’t ride giraffes
Would you, would you ride giraffes
Please sir don’t you bring carafes

Carafes of what, carafes of wine
No sir, I want beer with mine
Come and party if you must
78 pingpong street at dusk

Would you , could you, when o when
29th October at seven pm

I’ve got a few more days to finesse it – if there are any poets out there – suggestions most welcome

Broccoli – oh yeah

I may have mentioned that I love broccoli and basically most green things.  Not off mouldy green things but fresh, crispy or crunchy (if you’ve seen Rango you may choose to do a rango voice here) gorgeous green veggies/herb.  Just yesterday I received a tweet about some research on broccoli.  Of course I got a bit excited and had to go to the source article.

thats my broccolini!

So some research has found that combining broccoli with spicy foods can enhance its cancer fighting powers.  The spicy foods mentioned in the research were horseradish, wasabi (same thing really) and mustard.  Radishes, rocket, cabbage and brussel sprouts also got a mention.  Basically they found that by combining the broccoli with the spicy foods, the anti-cancer agent sulforaphane was released in the ileum as early as 30 minutes after eating the meal.  When these foods are eaten individually, the sulforphane is released much later in the colon.  The ileum is part of the small intestine (the first section after the stomach) and the colon is part of the large intestine (the last bit of the gastrointestinal tract).

But what does this mean for real people?  Nothing really but perhaps if you have a strong family history of cancer and you specifically try to eat a diet that will protect you against cancer, it may be of use to you.  I thought about this quite a bit yesterday; broccoli and mustard weren’t exactly inspiring food combinations, but I have come up with a few ideas.

1. Lightly blanche broccoli and add it to your salad.  Include rocket, radish and make a french style salad dressing e.g. olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, salt and pepper.
2. Make tempura vegetables (with lots of broccoli of course) and mix some wasabi in the tempura dipping sauce.
3. You could simply do stir fried greens including broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts. For some extra flavour, start the stir fry with mustard seeds.
4. If meat and veg are more your style, make a honey mustard sauce for the meat (lovely on pork chops or steak). I smother organic chicken breasts in seeded mustard and bake in the oven. Serve with a rocket and broccoli salad.

If you can think of anything else, please leave a comment!



mystery tomato from where?

Where did this strange tomato come from?  What descriptive words are springing to mind (nipple) when you look at its strange (nipple) form?  This thingy has self sown from my compost but I promise that I have never bought a tomato with a pointy nipply end like that.  Okay, I’ll stop saying nipple.  No its not funny, well maybe a little if you say it out aloud 😉