A post about love


There are bloggers out there who write about love.  I admire their bravery, I love their spirit and the romanticism of their words.  But I have never thought that I could expose my feelings so publicly, so open to personal interpretation.  But, there is a part of me that would like to and so I will start with the first and perhaps greatest male love of my life – my father.  To me he is papa.  So I would like to tell you about some of the things that make me love him so.

1.  My papa is quietly spoken, never swears and is the quintessential eastern European gentleman.  But, he has a bawdy english sense of humour.  As small people, my sister and I used to watch him watching comedies like Benny Hill and Love thy neighbour and I still smile when I think of him laughing out loud as he watched those programs.  I can hear the Benny Hill tune, I can see police women and nurses in very short uniforms wearing suspenders as they run around in circles and inevitable have to run up a ladder (I know – why!!) but I laugh.  His sense of humour has definitely transferred to me and my sister and we proudly laugh at silly, banal, non-politically correct humour.

2. My papa’s early life was unimaginably terrible yet he still retains a joy for life.  He was born in the middle of Stalin’s politically inflicted famine, his mother died of starvation when he was an infant, he escaped to Germany with his father, mothers’ sister and sister to Nuremberg and was once crushed in a bomb shelter during a bombing.  But he still can see the beauty of life.  He will marvel over a beautiful moon or the song of a magpie.  He was born wearing rose tinted glasses and I am so glad for this.  He is a kind, beautiful man who can take lifes misfortunes and come out smiling.

3.  My papa loves to play and have fun.  Papa has always played soccer then tennis, volleyball and ping pong, enjoyed a game of chess or draughts and generally anything that involves other people and is fun.  I remember a day when I was visiting ( I was living in north queensland at the time) my parents but papa wasn’t home.  Mama told me he was in the park up the road with my nephew.  Mr I was about 3 at the time so I wandered up to the park to find them.  I arrived at the park, looked around and saw an elderly gentleman lying on the grass with a 3 year old boy rolling all over him.  They looked so happy and were having so much fun, I will treasure this moment.  They are alike, those two, and I am so happy about this.

I could go on, there are so many things I love about my papa.  I hope that I can live my life with optimism and joy for the simple things.