2011 is nearly over!

I wanted to write about my christmas preparations, making shortbread etc. but hey, I’m a bit over talking/reading about it, so last minute change of plans. I’m going to honour my blogs name and mention some random thoughts!

1. I am so grateful for the community and neighbourhood I live in. My street is amazing, we just had our street xmas party on satuday night and it was sooo good. The kids wandered from house to house (or from house with trampoline to house with xbox to etc. etc.), there were lounges and armchairs on the lawn, a tarp in case it rained, great food, great drinks and the best company. Thanks Mark and Lindy for hosting it this year, you did a fabulous job.  Last week I snuck into a party on the next street over and it had the same friendly, happy vibe!

2. I feel like there is change in the wind for 2012. Not sure what – but I can feel it in my bones – stay posted.

3. Rating for 2011 – a really good year. For me, 2010 was the best year in ages and ages and ages whereas 2009 was one of the worst. So 2011 comes in second best after my euphorically happy 2010. Thanks gorgeous M – the joy is due to you xx

4. I picked up a new car this year from Canberra and we drove back over a few days. The trip was great and I can’t stop thinking about this place I discovered (the gorgeous M took me there – he had been there before) called Blueys beach. Its just south of Forster on the NSW coast. The beach is beautiful, there are headlands, national parks to walk in, lakes, picnic grounds – I so want to go back. Have you discovered anywhere that set your heart on fire??

5. Other great little discoveries – Barry is back in Shelley beach with the best little corner store in town. Mostly organic produce, artisan breads, real croissants, hand made chocolates, local un-homogenised milk and today, he had mangosteens. My favourite – well, in my top five favourite fruits actually. I will take a photo of the shop one day and share it with you – its very cute. And, just the other day I went for an early coffee with my ‘strangely wise for someone so young’ friend N and her 4 year old girls. The place we were going to was shut so we went to the little beach kiosk next door. What a discovery – go through to the back and you have a cosy funky living room with retro furniture, books, games and good coffee. Ah, my lastest fave place for a coffee. Sorry Barry, your shop was my fave last week 😉 And, the wise N gave me a sign (life changing words of advice).

Hmm, now what else have I been thinking about – my parents, my nephews, is green still my favourite colour, do I prefer yoghurt on top of or under my fruit, I really love Madura premium blend loose leaf tea, did I forget anyone when xmas shopping and I hope my free range turkey is really good this year. Final thing, check out the 2 tone sweet potato in the picture – it was delicious!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mj monaghan
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 08:19:50

    Hope you have an excellent 2012. Enjoyed reading your blog!


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