lovely beach cafe

I mentioned before xmas that I had a new favourite place to have a coffee.  From the front it looks like a kiosk that sells typical fast summer holiday treats.  I don’t even know if it has a name.  Today I met the strangely wise for someone so young (swfssy) Miss N for a coffee.

But go inside, and this is what you find

A funky retro style room thats perfect for having a coffee and a chat.  But if, like this morning, the day is too beautiful to sit inside, check out the view and the setting.

And, if you look really closely at this last one, you might spot the gorgeous M.

Lifes too short for …

I love how people can passionately state ‘life is too short for blah blah blah’  I have been randomly asking people for theirs.  Here are some of my favourites.  I’d love you to add some of your own in the comments!

Lifes too short to drink bad coffee (is this the most obvious one?)

Life is too short for regrets (most popular)

Life is too short for work

Lifes too short to watch bad tv (my pet peeve is the crappy nightly current affairs type shows)(she of the overblown lips type presenter)

Lifes too short to play tennis with old balls (this is for real, a friend actually said this)

Lifes too short to eat crap food (inspired by a really horrible lunch at IKEA )

And, very appropriate in my neighbourhood – Life is too short to not surf

Please enjoy 2012 – love, laugh, treasure and bless!!  If you see these ladies down the beach, give them a big smile and gidday