Sad news

I wrote some time ago about my beautiful old kelpie cross collie called Nancy. I’ve wanted to share the news but struggled to write about it. Nancy passed away on monday 26th March. Aaahhh, there, its out.  If you want to read the first post, check out August 2011.

A few weeks earlier, I was aware that the nights were a getting tougher on Nancy, she would wake often and struggle to get comfortable.  I had one monday where I went to work, crying all the way.  She had had a really rough night and I thought her time was up.  I rang the vet, bawling on the phone and they made time for me to bring her down that afternoon.  I knew that she wasn’t going to die in a vets surgery so I wasn’t panicked that she was not coming home with me.  She vet wanted to do tests, I said no and after much discussion we agreed to give her an injection (I can’t remember now if it was a pain killer or anti-inflammatory) and see how she got through the night.  She was better so we started her on a once fortnightly tablet for chronic joint pain.  Although she was better, I was acutely aware that we were just buying some time and that she wasn’t going to be with me for a long time.

On sunday 25th March my beautiful dog tripped down some stairs and, I’ve never seen her in so much pain.  I couldn’t get a good look at her foot but I knew she must have broken a bone or done a bad injury.  That night I went to bed but couldn’t sleep knowing about the day to come.  I went downstairs, picked her up and carried her to the spare bedroom.  I put her on the bed and lay down with her, knowing that this would be our last night together.  Neither one of us slept much, she got lots of light pats and kisses on her nose.  In the morning I rang the vet and she agreed to come to the house at lunch time.  I went to the surgery and picked up a sedative for her, went to the shops and bought a box of mixed Lindt balls.  I went home and spent the morning with her.  I fed her gouda (she loved a nice piece of cheese) and smoked salmon for breakfast, gave her the sedatives and then treated her to a few lindt balls.  I lay with her in the morning sunshine, I washed her face and cleaned her ears, brushed her beautiful thick coat and basically breathed her in.  She got more and more drousy and relaxed but watched my every step.  Just before lunch I carried her again to the spare bed and left her to rest.

The gorgeous M arrived home and helped me pick a lovely shady spot in the back yard.  He started to dig her grave and the lovely Linda (my local vet) arrived.  M came in, I lay down with her and gave her my thanks and a few last words and Linda gave her the injection.  She died very quickly with my arms around her and her beautiful face in my hands.  Ultimately, she died peacefully, quickly, in her home and enveloped in love.  I miss her so much, I’d love to touch her one more time but I was lucky to have her in my life for so long.  Pirate struggled the first few weeks, it was heart breaking to see him suffer.  He’s getting his mojo back and its lovely to see.

Boots of woe

Are you superstitious?  I try not to be, I’ll actively walk under a ladder, look into a cracked mirror; yes folks, I am a thrill seeker all righty.  But, I do think that misfortune comes to me in threes and I always feel very unsettled if a black cat runs across the street in front of my car.  The cat one comes courtesy of my dad – black cats scare the bejeesus out of him.

So, I recently had 2 unlucky (and expensive) things happen.  I spilt red wine on my keyboard (I know, you never drink whilst on the computer – for real – who doesn’t eat and drink whilst computing?) so my computer needs replacing and I cracked a porcelain crown (front tooth) – very expensive and painful.  The day of the tooth crack I said out loud “I wonder what 3rd heartbreaking and expensive thing will happen to me next”.  Silly me, you never say these things out loud.  On that same day I wore for the first time my new italian soft suede knee high wedged boots and everyone (yes everyone) ohhed and ahhed over how beautiful they were. If you too love shoes, you know what I’m talking about.  I’m not a shopper, I’m not into makeup but I really really love beautiful shoes.  You know when you get them home and you can’t stop going back to your wardrobe to look at them one more time.  Yep, I’ve got it bad.

So by now you all know where this is going – yes its an italian suede boot tragedy!  When I got home that night, I lovingly put my beautiful boots back in the wardrobe.  What I didn’t realise is that I must have also knocked over one of those tubs of crystals that take the moisture out of the air.  By now it was just a tub of liquid that dries things out.  So jump ahead one week and I take my boots out of the wardrobe.  Oh my god, what is wrong with the suede.  Its hard, dark, shrunken and ugly – one boot only.  The optimist in me thinks that we might be able to clean this stuff out….

So I take my ruined boot to the best bootmaker on the coast and after a good look he tells me ‘bin it’.  Noooooooo, they are new, I’ve only worn them for 2 hours once, they were the last pair in the shop, I’ve never own long suede boots before  aaaaarrrghhh.  My third misfortune and it really hurts!  I can’t quite make myself throw out the good boot (I know, a bit crazy) (who needs one boot – size 37, let me know) and I’ve tried to photograph it for you.  Long boots are really hard to photograph – they keep flopping over and a boot on just one leg looks weird – but I’ve tried.  So I haven’t done justice to their beauty, but here we go.