Mary, Mary quite contrary

The thing I like about getting older is the way in which you understand yourself better.  I’ve recently realised that I’m quite the contrary gal.  When I’m being contrary, I would deny it 100%.  But when I think back about it, I realise how obnoxious I can be.

And I think that being contrary does make me obnoxious, but it can also make me a bit different, a bit unusual (please say that in a Kath and Kym voice) and a bit quirky.

Early last year I was lunching with some lovely, well to do ladies and they were all gushing about their love of their iphones.  I don’t know why but my mental reaction was swift and determined – I would never own an iphone.  See what I mean about obnoxious.  I truly don’t know why I react this way but I do, and the thinking stays with me, I tend not to sway.  So of course I got what I call my iphoney, actually a samsung galaxy II, and I love it.  And I obnoxiously find myself telling people how great it is.
Then there’s my house renovation.  In early 2009 I had to pack the house up and move out so that the builders could come in and do my much desired major renovation.  Around this time my then husband who was working away told me that he never wanted to come back.  Like a few weeks before the reno was starting.  So I had to pack up and move out (including packing all his stuff), work out how to be ‘seperated’, manage the build on my own, oh and I slipped and broke my wrist. Yep, that a post of its own, lets call it the shittiest year of my life post.  Post script – I moved back into my perfect renovated house in November that year, met the gorgeous M that same month and 2010 was probably the awesomest year of my life.

So back to renovating.  When people would ask about what type of kitchen I would put in, they’d often add ‘so you’ll be getting a stone bench top won’t you’.  Obviously, up would pop Contrary Mary’s ugly head!  When chatting to my architect, I found myself telling him that I wanted my kitchen to be orange and under no circumstance was I getting a stone bench top.  He’d reply ‘great’, bless his soul.  And I don’t think he was being ironic.  And so it continued through to the bathrooms, the taps (I don’t want mixers – the builders thought I was nuts) and my choice of external colours.  But, it works for me and I love my house.  Heres a snap of my kitchen – you’re allowed to hate it!

Shabby chic or retro cool

My neighbourhood is more than just a place to live, its a community.  And by some random chance, I’m surrounded by vintage style inspired folk.  Now these aren’t your 20 something hipsters working hard to be cool, these are normal families who appreciate beautiful old pieces, and have done for a long time.

So theres the hippy mummy J who amongst her treasures had an amazing perfect formica table. Next door is Giovanna who once owned a vintage shop and now sews gorgeous 50’s style dresses.  Over the street Mr and Mrs T covet the old classics – Moran chairs, parker dining settings, old side boards.  Next door to them, L&L have long collected all manner of stylish treasures.  L is very generous and often picks up bargains which he distributes around the street.  Today he gave me the cutest set of espresso cups which fit in perfectly with my own collection of euro retro (russians love gold and I have inherited some classics).

So the rest of this post are photos – starting with L&L dining table and lounge, finishing with my new espresso cups.




Do you collect any special treasures?

so, do you think these pants are too tight?

So, I was reading the fashion section of an online newspaper this morning and there was a story about princess Kate.  The story was in a new section called ‘sporting fashion’ (thank you Olympics for creating new fashion sections for all the fashionistas out there) and they were putting the boot into lovely Kate for the ‘greyness’ (fifty shades perhaps) of her recent outfits.

As they were on a roll and having a go, they also wrote that her pants were too tight and her top too small.  I think she was at an equestrian event.  So, what do you think?  By the look of it, Harry don’t mind.  Is the problem that she is a future queen?

rocket pesto

My little winter garden is overflowing with rocket and green leaves but I’m not really loving my salads at the mo. Its never cold for long in Queensland so I’m enjoying some slow cooked meals, roasts and winter foods whilst I can. Oh but what to do with all those greens!

So I decided to make a rocket pesto with toasted macadamia nuts and green chilli.  The nuts come from a local grower who sells at a sunday market, the chillies came from my garden.  I won’t bore you with the detail but I added extra virgin olive oil, salt and finished with some parmesan.

Its a gorgeous colour and full of flavour but a tad on the bitter side. I’m not too sure as yet what I’ll do with it.  Any suggestions out there?