how many shoes?

Shoes – most women love shoes don’t they?

summer wedges from seed (worn by the lovely Jude)

I will shamefully admit that I have been known to stroke a new pair of shoes, repeatedly go back to the wardrobe to look at my new shoes and that I often see shoes as an object of beauty.  Have I gone too far?  I’m not alone, am I?

But, the other night I was cooking dinner and listening to the TV when a story stated that research has found that women on average own 25 pairs of shoes.  From my chopping board I screamed out “No way” – it sounded too much (as an average).  But on reflection hmmm, just my thong collection (havianas, souls, birki’s) probably come to 10, then theres the trainers, boots, sandals, not to mention the shoes that you love but don’t wear anymore etc. etc.  Are you the same? Is there a category of shoe that you love? Maybe a patent Mary Jane? Are you a pointy toed stiletto kind of lady? I love red shoes, especially if they are shiny.  Red shoes make me happy and other peoples red shoes make me envious.

The story also said that alot of women have at least one pair in their wardrobe that they haven’t actually worn yet.  Do you?  So come on ladies, lets fess up, this is a warm and welcoming site for shoe lovers, no judgement okay!

my fluoro orange birkis (just for fun)

Sydney eating

I’ve just come back from 5 days in Sydney at a conference.  I’d love to share some of my dining/food experiences with you so here is my first attempt at a restaurant review style post.  Before I start – where do you go to get a decent cup of coffee in Sydney?  We were staying at Darling harbour and I had 3 terrible coffees (couldn’t drink 2 of these), one nice but a bit lacking in the balls department (sorry – thats official coffee speak) and one good brew.  I guess I should have asked this question before I left. So onto the dining.

The day before I left I was chatting with my neighbours (who are from Sydney) about wanting a great bowl of pho.  Where I live there are no Vietnamese restaurants full stop.  Their son lives in Sydney and swears to know the best pho joint in town. So off to Pho Pasteur we go (it sounds good if you say fur pasteur)(it almost rhymes but why) at 709 George st. Its daggy, brightly lit, old laminated menus plus menus on the walls, spelling mistakes a plenty amd full of happy asian diners. Yippee, happy days, here we go.

They have various types of pho on the menu $10 -$12, noodle salads and rice noodles.  I was after beef pho, but curious about the special beef pho.  The waiter told us that in addition to the raw thin slices of beef fillet, there are 4 types of beef cooked in the pho.  I wasn’t in my most adventurous mood and was a bit scared of getting some stomach lining or other such delicacy in my soup and opted for the standard.  Good choice gf, I saw a couple at the next table exchanging all manner of innards over their pho.  I love food, I’m pretty willing to try different things but just can’t seem to go for offal.  So here it is, it was delicious, served with wedges of lemon, bean shoots and vietnamese mint.  A mazing!!

Now to Breakfast!

I forgot to write down the address but we wandered down to a lovely little french cafe called Le Depot.  Its on the same road as Thorpies aquatic centre and the powerhouse museum and the provider of my best coffee in sydney.

I couldn’t face a carb heavy breakfast (I’m a bit irritable in the bowel department if you know what I mean) so ordered the salmon, potato and leek tart.  It was devine and oh yeah, it cost $6.  Coffee and tart cost $9 unreal.  My friends/work colleagues had – toasted cereal with rhubarb compote and yoghurt, a strawberry tart and a toasted croissant.

They also had the most wonderful looking cakes, fruit flans, baguettes etc. and all for a really good price.  So Le Depot – I’m a fan.  Thats 2 great dining experiences and you won’t be hearing about the not so great ones.  My next post will be about the wonderful night we had at Red Lantern on Riley and, Luke was in the house woo hoo

By the way, I was at the International Congress of Dietetics, check out some of the trade exhibitors