Some things you may not know about me

I love cooking but prefer making savoury to sweet foods.  Strangely, I prefer eating sweet foods to savoury. I’ve got a textural aversion to custard (and junket – anything pale, milky and wobbly)(even porridge) so I’ve never tried custard or a crème caramel.  I’d probably love them if I could put them in my mouth.

NB I just tried searching for ‘scary custard’ images on google.  Apparently custard is not scary.

Food and health is important to me.  I love my food real, made from scratch and made with real ingredients. You won’t find margarine, canola oil, diet drinks or fat modified foods in my fridge.  I like to keep it real.  My favourite vegetables are green and cherries and mangoes are in my top 5 of fruit. Okay I can hear you wondering – mangosteens, blueberries and passionfruit are the other 3.  Yoga is the activity I have to do each week but I also swim, run, surf and stand up paddle.  I’d always say yes if you invited me to play tennis or golf.

I’m clumsy.  When I was 8 I tripped on a wire door mat at the base of some concrete stairs.  I broke my two front teeth in half. I have been to the dentist a lot.  Now, I hate dentists.  Finally I have lovely porcelain crowns on my front teeth but I still hate the dentist.  Its not personal.

I went to a very small catholic girls high school and entered University very naïve and sheltered.  And boy did I love it!  I loved the subcultures, the politics, the art, the punks and swampies (now Goths) and the anonymity of being one little student in a massive campus.  I still love non-main stream music, one day I’ll grow up and listen to growns up music.

I’m not really capable of anger, I don’t yell, its not in my DNA, I tend to cry first.  I do get angry though when the Gorgeous M says ‘you must be premenstrual’. Tell ya, flag to a hormonal bull J.  Obviously, I deny it vehemently.  He knows I’m lying, I know I’m lying but there is no other course of action. Luckily, not only is he gorgeous but he’s good natured.  As an aside, he got a hole in one at the golf course yesterday.

My mother is fiery, volatile and speaks before she thinks.  I love her but don’t want to become her.  My dad is gentle and kind and was born in a terrifying time in the Ukraine.  His mother died of starvation during Stalin’s political famine. She fed her family first.

I love making compost, and when its ready, I love how it smells.

I am a full on animal lover and seeing a brahminy kite soaring over the ocean at home makes me really happy.  I think a house isn’t a home without a dog and my dogs of choice are kelpies and border collies.  I would love to one day have a retired greyhound. And a pet snake.

My free time is precious so I don’t like shopping.  I do like internet shopping.  My craziest recent online purchase was a gold crocheted bikini and a black crocheted full piece)  I’ve recently discovered some style blogs that have already made shopping easier for me, so I’m doing a shout out to some beautiful gals in my neck of the woods – hi Nikki (everyone knows you already) and Rachel (please check out her Redcliffe style).

My favourite drinks are loose leaf tea (madura premium) drunk from a fine bone china teacup, good coffee (I’m fussy) and wine.  I go through stages with wine, at the moment I’m loving lightly chilled pinot noir from Victoria.   I like buttery chardonnays, gutsy reds but I don’t like those cheeky sauvignon blancs – sorry, can we still be friends?

I love blogging for the pure joy of writing but as you may notice, I don’t put up posts often enough. I work full time and prefer to write when I am in the mood.  Obviously I’m not in the mood often enough.  And I think to be really successful, your blog name should have something of epic proportions in it, like a world or a land, not a lunchbox.  And, if you google Lydia and lunchbox you will find a squillion links to an avantegarde New York performer with a penchant for punk and porn.  I’m telling you people, its not me!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mumabulous
    Nov 04, 2012 @ 17:34:10

    So you’re talented, stylish,photogenic and look good in your new swimsuit ? Biaaatch! 😉 I’m totally with you on the Pinot form Victoria. The only thing that might rival it is a Pinot from Tassie.


  2. Kim
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 16:03:34

    You don’t like sauv blanc? We can DEFINITELY be friends. YES to the Pinot and HELL yes to the buttery chardonnay. Keep those online shop links coming please. I hate the real ones too. 🙂


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