kitchen disasters

I’m a keen cook, I love trying new recipes, watching food programs, looking at mags – I just love spending time in the kitchen. And I reckon I’m pretty good. But I’m not great at desserts. I don’t really enjoy making them either. I’d rather make savoury meals.  Sweet or savoury, there have been a few disasters.
I haven’t taken photos of them,once I’m over the disappointment, I hide them as fast as I can. So today I’m going to fess up!

1. A gorgeous chocolate and vanilla zebra cheesecake was featured on the beautiful ‘Not quite Nigella’ blog some time ago. Ah, I love, love, love baked cheesecakes. Yep, I’m making this baby. A friend was visiting and I was in a bit of a rush to go to the beach but I pulled it together and popped it in the oven. Something didn’t feel right and it didn’t look right. I looked around my kitchen and re-read the recipe, shit, I forgot to put the sugar in! Can you imagine how foul a chocolate and vanilla baked cheese tastes like? Even the dog wasn’t too keen on eating this one. Fail!

2. I had some green prawns and wanted to make a coconutty creamy curry.  I don’t know what went wrong (maybe not following a recipe is where I went wrong) but somehow the spice combination was all wrong It was an indo-thai fusion that did not work – on any level.. Poor prawns, sorry you had to die for such a disaster!!

20130818_211755So recently, I was home alone on a sunday night and decided to make some banana muffins.  And, I thought I wouldn’t use a recipe, I’ll just see how it goes.  All good, the batter looked nice, I popped them in the oven and started to wash up.  I had the mixing bowl in the sink and decided to have a taste of the batter.  Oh oh, thats weird, they taste a bit hot. Another taste and it got hotter.  What the f….. And then I looked around my kitchen.  I love cinnamon so I  put in a really generous amount.  Except it wasn’t cinnamon, it was cayenne pepper.

20130818_213356The next morning I gave some to my neighbours, took some to work and saved some for the gorgeous M.  And guess what, the menfolk loved them.  My neighbour said they were the best banana muffins he’d ever tasted.  Sweet and salty (think salted caramel in desserts) maybe de rigueur at the moment but, if you love a bit of hotness in your food, give the cayenne a go.

Have you got any kitchen disasters you need to fess up?  Or disasters that became hits?