A perfect morning

Friday was just one of those perfect mornings.  Most mornings aren’t like this, but this one was great so I’d love to share it with you.

morningmoffs 007

Woke around 5.30am, the gorgeous M was stirring and the waves were pumping.  We had 3 days of really good swell and there was an air of joy amongst the surfing community.  For days the beach front was  lined with onlookers, surfers full of anticipation and wave by wave stories being told.  He snuck out with board under his arm just as his mini-me woke up. We had breakfast, did his homework reading, made his lunch and went down to get a coffee.  Mini M played in the park whilst I sipped my beautiful coffee and watched the waves with one eye and him with the other.  Not a good look!

We had a chat with Leigh in the newagency, Big Mark stopped by with a coffee for a chat, Stu the surfing yogi was there, friends from bookclub strolled by, it was just one of those lovely mornings when no one was in a hurry.  All this and it was only about 7.30am.  The gorgeous M came out of the surf, all happy and relaxed, I handed him his coffee and we walked home ready for our day to start.  I want to cherish the good ones, try not to forget them and remember to enjoy the simple pleasures of beachside living.  (espec now – it hasn’t stopped raining for days and everything is sodden)

May09 031