The Pocket espresso bar, Moffat Beach

Some things are best kept a secret.  But secrets never stay a secret for long and this little place was being stalked by coffee lovers for weeks before they even opened.

As it happens, my neck of the woods is a region of the Sunshine coast called Caloundra.  Caloundra is often overlooked by those looking for that winning combination of glamour and beach.  What they don’t know about Caloundra is my secret and I’m happy to keep this a secret.  But, back to coffee.  Sadly, Caloundra is also full of awful coffee.  Muddy, burnt, milky, weak – you think of a bad coffee and you can probably get one here.  Or, if a place does extract a good brew they often can’t do it again.  So its a russian roulette that you lose more often than win.

But alas, the saviours are here, please meet Jonny and Ester.

A Brother and sister team with an amazing crew of young, hip, gorgeous but friendly people.  And they can make a good coffee, every day, consistently.  At first, you think the parties up the front, all good coffee and the funky vibe.  I didn’t even look at the food for a few weeks, I had eyes only for the coffee.  So the coffee is seriously good, if you want to know some details they use campos beans and a La Marzocco machine.  Jonny spent weeks getting the brew just right and has trained Lochie and Sebastian to strive for the same quality and consistency.  So that should be that, coffee review done, but hang on a minute because the fun is just starting.  Let me tell you about the food.

In case you don’t know, I’m a bit fussy with my food and I don’t usually bother with food from cafes.  The bought in cakes that are all the same, the stodgy muffins – really I don’t have much interest in eating food like that.  But this is where the lovely Ester comes in and not only does she have the brightest, bestest smile in town, the girl can cook.  We discover that the real party is out the back, in the kitchen!

And I think that her talent lies with all things buttery.    Those blueberry muffins come studded with white chocolate and the muffin top is perfect.  The texture is just right, the top has lovely crunchy edges and the insides are fluffy and light.  You need to be quick though because they sell out really quickly and I think she only makes one batch every morning.  I’ve also tasted the gluten free bars and they are made on the premises and delicious.

If you are in the mood for something savoury and a bit more substantial, you must have a look at these babies. I love butter, I love cake and I love pastry and the pastry on the pies is the star for me.  The fillings are delicious, I’ve tried the pork, cider and apple pies and it all works really well.  I’ve also tried the beef, cheese and jalapeno pie and they pack a flavour punch that leaves the insides of your cheeks sweating but begging for more.  Perhaps not for the faint hearted.

They also do an assortment of paninis and wraps that work well for both breakfast and lunch.  Its a tiny space with a lounge at the back and stools around the front window bar.  It looks straight onto the park and moffat beach.  Its the perfect place to get a really good coffee and some food and then wander over to the park or the beach.  They open at 6am and its really busy with the early morning crowd – dog walkers, surfers, yogee’s, boot campers, and those needing a good brew on their way to work.

someone from Campos helping out

All coffees, muffins and pies were paid for, both calorifically and financially by me x