What the f… is that about?

Are there things in your life that you just don’t understand? Like ‘the workers’? Where I live, pretty much every night around 7.20pm these people come onto my telly – one is holding a teddy bear, one is dressed like a fireman, one talks all muffled fafa fafa fafaa fa, and then someones translated ‘don’t forget to brush your teeth’. And they sing a really bad song ‘time to go  to bed’. Now I watch my fair share of kids tv but I still have no idea.  Who are these people??

Next – what is the go with ‘baby on board’ signs in cars?  Now mums, I’m not having a go, I just don’t get it! Are we supposed to drive differently because of your baby on board?  Like I normally ram cars up the bum.  Or is it just a proud statement – I’m a mum and I have a baby?  Maybe its a warning to us – my driving is crap because I’m sleep deprived, this baby won’t stop crying and I can’t remember where I’m going?  I really don’t get the purpose.  My 80 year old father lost his license last year and he could well have done with an ‘elderly gent driving’ sign on his car.  A community service for all.


And whats the go with vegetarian sausages.  If you’re a vegetarian, are you supposed to like vegetables, not sausages?

Are there things in your life you just don’t understand?  Do you have any answers for me?  Please, I’d love to read your comments.